September 15, 2011

um, apparently time flies

remember how i was going to post once a week? :) yeah. days go by a lot faster than they should.

i'm not a whole lot closer on the whole "figuring out my life" thing, but i'm sure it'll all work out. so i should stop threatening to have a panic attack. besides, ammon calls me a little kid every day since i'm not married. i'm just going to stop correcting him because, little kids don't have to make big decisions. everybody wins! actually, i got accepted into byu idaho for winter semester, starting january 4th. so for now, that's the plan! all i need to do now is find a job that gives me more than 13 hours a week, a new car that is priced in the area of $0.00, and somewhere to live when i get up there. also:

  • learn how to regularly deposit my paychecks (i've got 2 of em sitting in my bedroom right now..)
  • find & watch season two of white collar
  • call doug about my laptop
  • read through the book of mormon
  • write. all. the. time.
  • buy a new keychain (another reason i need to buy a car. so i can actually have keys.)
  • thank sue & justin more often for letting me live in their house and only giving me one chore ;)
  • eat fewer treats! ugh. this is gonna be the hardest one but it's seriously becoming a problem.
  • discover & start reading a new book series (i'm thinkin the hunger games. on sale at costco! :D)
  • buy chapstick.

yep, that's it. my to-do list for the remainder of 2011. wish me luck!

(oh, by the way. i've decided on something i know you've all been waiting on the edge of your seats to find out:

i'm growing out my bangs :) check it off the list!)