August 29, 2011

my best little buddy :)

so it is not time for my weekly blog post yet, but i thought i'd share something super quick. since sue's been slackin on her blog, someone's gotta tell you how cute her kids are, right? :)

ammon: hannah, is this left or right?
hannah: um, that is right.
ammon: choose the riiiiiight! always choose the right. NEVER choose the left because satan chooses the left.
hannah: oh, really?
ammon: yep. so i never choose the left so i won't be on satan's team!
hannah: oh good. we never ever wanna be on satan's team, huh?
ammon: yeah. when we moved here, i thought i was gonna be on satan's team. but i'm not!
hannah: uh-oh, why'd you think that?
ammon: i just did!
hannah: okay.. well, i'm glad you're not on satan's team.
ammon: me too.

look how cute! i mean cool. not cute, cool ;)


Dean, Andrea, Tanner, and Landon said...

Hahaha! SO glad you guys aren't on Satan's team! Thanks for sharing this!

Beth said...

LOVED this post! I'm excited to see you guys on Saturday.